Retreat Guidelines

Daily retreat schedule is centered around sitting meditation with walking and meal breaks in between. Each individual will be assigned to a particular sitting space in the Ch’an Hall as well as Dinning Hall. All movements should be gentle and mindful not to cause disturbance or excessive noise. While sitting, blankets are applied to cover the legs to keep warm as well as to show unity as a group. During meditation, all should remain as still as possible. If one needs to adjust posture or position, it should be performed in a quiet fashion not to cause noise and disturb others.

When leaving from sitting, cushion and blanket should be fixed and stacked properly. Walking meditation is done by circling clockwise around the outer hall with slower paced on the inner circle while faster paced on the outer circle. Very slow walking meditation can remain inside the Ch’an Hall (Meditation Hall). When in group meditation, there are some regular signals which guide the meditation sessions. Flow of entering and exiting the Ch’an Hall is as follows:

  • Enter Ch’an Hall (Meditation Hall) on time – please be early.

  • Sit in your assigned spot.

  • Adjust your posture and position; prepare for sitting meditation.

  • Wooden Taps (x3) – signals stillness and starting sitting meditation.

  • Bell – signals end of sitting meditation (continue sitting if you like). Stretch and warm-up legs to prepare to stand and walking meditation.

  • Wood Blocks Hit (x1) - Take this time to stand up and prepare for walking meditation.

  • Wood Blocks Hits (x2) – Bow towards the center to show respect for the space, others, and Dharma. Exit the Ch’an Hall.

  • Beginning of walking meditation. Move clockwise into the outer hall for walking meditation. Washroom and water breaks allowed during this time (please return to Ch’an Hall on time without procrastination).

  • Wood Blocks Hit (x1) – “Freeze” - stop walking meditation and remain still in the same posture of the moment.

  • Wood Blocks Hits (x2) – Bow towards the center and prepare to enter Ch’an Hall for sitting meditation.

  • Practitioners are welcome to continue sitting meditation though walking breaks and meal times.

Typical Meditation Retreat Daily Schedule


5:00 AM

5:30 AM ~ 7:00 AM

7:00 AM ~ 7:30 AM

7:30 AM ~ 9:00 AM

9:00 AM ~ 12:00 PM

12:00 PM ~ 12:40 PM

12:40 PM ~ 3:00 PM

3:00 PM ~ 6:00 PM

6:00 PM ~ 6:30 PM

6:30 PM ~ 8:00 PM

8:00 PM ~ 9:30 PM

10:00 PM


Good morning

Morning meditation


Work (cleaning) / Meditation / Study

3 Meditation sessions

(1 hour each, including 10 minutes break)


Work (cleaning) / Meditation / Study

3 Meditation sessions

(1 hour each, including 10 minutes break)


Work (cleaning) / Meditation / Study

Evening meditation

Good night