Rules of Conduct

Although we welcome all participants, rules are created to ensure the quality of the meditation practice and good maintenance of the temple. Please read them carefully before coming.

1. Please enter Ch’an Hall (Meditation Hall) on time.

2. Please keep silent at all times in the building.

3. Please sit accordingly to the designated assigned seating.

4. Please perform all activities quietly and gently.

5. Please turn off cellular phones and minimize other electronic device during the retreat.

6. Please only shower during the individually assigned time.

7. Please turn off lights as you leave.

8. Attire should be simple, loose, comfortable, and in plain color. Please avoid tight-fitting or transparent cloths.

9. Tobacco, alcohol, or drugs are strictly prohibited. As a courtesy to others, please do not wear perfume of any kind.

10. Please enter the building through the front entrance and change into slippers upon entry. No shoes allowed inside the building.

11. Please do not wear slippers to the second and third floors.

12. Please bring your own toiletries, sleeping bags, pillows, bed linen, towels, etc.

13. Personal question and answer related to practice can take place during meal time: 7:30 AM ~ 8:00 AM, 12:30 PM ~ 1:00 PM, and 6:00 PM ~ 6:30 PM (time is subject to change).

14. Loose hair from shower or haircuts should be disposed into garbage bags. Please do not dispose hair down the toilet or sink to avoid clogs. Please clean shower area with squeegee after each use.

15. Solicitation and retail activities of any kind is prohibited on the Temple property.

16. Solicitation of any medical service or physical therapy is prohibited on the Temple property.

17. All food and beverage can only be consumed within the dinning hall or outside the building. No individual cooking is permitted on the Temple property at any time.

18. Do not store your own food in the refrigerator in the kitchen without permission from the administration and kitchen staff.

19. No access to the kitchen or the fridge unless permission is granted by the administration or the kitchen staff.

20. Maintain your sleeping quarters tidy and clean.

21.Please clean and remove all personal belongings when leaving. Leave no trace!

* Above rules are subject to change at any time.